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CellNovation creates solutions to challenges affecting people across the globe.

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Technology, Healing, and Compassion come together.

What Is CellNovation?

Located in the El Paso, Texas, CellNovation Technology Corporation is an innovative pharmaceutical company behind the development and distribution of ReCellTis™ a cream used for both wound care and first-aid purposes.

What CellNovation Does

CellNovation develops solutions to various wound problems. Our purpose is to improve Quality of Life for everyone by helping heal acute and chronic wounds.

Where Is CellNovation?

CellNovation is located in El Paso, TX. Need to get in touch? Click here to use our contact form, or to view the e-mail directory.

Who is CellNovation?

Chief Executive Officer

Xavier Saenz

Chief Science Officer

Riq Chacon, Ph.D

Director of Operations

Jesse Ornelas

Director of IT

Albert Sharkis

CellNovation Products

ReCellTis Wound Care

A prescription wound care cream that treats Stage 1 to Stage 4 wounds with proven effectiveness. ReCellTis Wound Care treats cuts, burns, diabetic ulcers, bed sores, and more. ReCellTis Wound Care helps patients all over the world heal quickly, improving quality of life and returning patients home or to work.

ReCellTis First Aid

Prevents infection and promotes healing on wounds requiring first aid, ReCellTis First Aid is the one cream you need to stock in your home! A milder version of ReCellTis Wound Care, this cream heals fast!

Tattoo Doctor

Tattoo Doctor is a specially formulated tattoo aftercare product that really works! Protect your tattoo investment throughout its lifetime. A well-healed tattoo lasts longer, so the healing process is very critical to increasing the longevity of the tattoo.


VeTraCell is a topical pharmaceutical for your pet’s wounds, helping them heal after everyday cuts and scrapes, or even after veterinary procedures. VeTraCell allows pets and people to spend more quality time together, for a safe a wholesome life.